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Badger Sgraffito Plaque by Pretender to the Throne

Badger Sgraffito Plaque by Pretender to the Throne

Sgraffito Plaque

Badger sgraffito plaque by Pretender to the Throne.

A beautiful handmade ceramic sgraffito plaque crafted from terracotta clay with a yellow golden glaze.

Ellie Tarratt is the Artist behind Pretender to the Throne.

The plaque is ready to hang on the wall and is fitted with a very sturdy large metal loop fixed to the back. The back of the plaque is unglazed. 

Please note the ceramic plaque is unsuitable for display outdoors.

Approximate* Dimensions: width x height = 24 x 18cm

*Given the handmade nature of the product there will be slight variations in sizing.

What is sgraffto?

Sgrafftio [skrah-fee-toh] (the Italian word meaning to scratch) in ceramics is a form of decoration made by scratching through a surface, e.g. slip, to reveal a lower layer of a contrasting colour before firing in a kiln.

Photo: courtesy of the artist.

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