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Make Your Own Christmas Card & Gift Tag

21st December 2020

Super easy last minute make your own card & gift tag ideas: 


Materials used:

Pink Pig Brown Cartridge Paper 

Derwent Drawing Pencil in Chinese White 7200

Scrap Paper (for planning)

Pencil (any grade)

String (thin enough to go through the punched hole)



MYO Christmas Card:

Plan out your design in pencil onto scrap paper or in your sketch book. You can use our design for inspiration or copy it!

Cut the cartridge paper to size with a trimmer and fold in half to make a card. 

If you don't have a trimmer you can use a pencil & ruler to measure and mark out the straight lines. Use a craft knife or scissors to carefully cut out.

Hand draw your image lightly with the Derwent Chinese White Drawing pencil or similar colour pencil.

If you make a mistake you should be able to rub out the lines. You might want to test it on a spare piece first.

Once finished go over the lines with a heavier line for a bold image.

You could use a white gel pen for a different look, which would also look nice on brown paper / card.



MYO Gift Card:

Cut a small square of paper or card.

Draw the design on the front and leave the back blank to write the message.

Punch a hole in the corner for the string.

If you don't have a hole punch, simply tape the corner to the present with sticky tape or washi tape.


We hope you have fun making these Christmas Cards & Gift Tags. 


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